Smart Cooling Rewards Switch Removal

Thank you for participating in Dominion Energy’s Smart Cooling Rewards Program

Smart Cooling Rewards Switch Removal

Thank you for participating in Dominion’s Energy’s Smart Cooling Rewards Program

After more than a decade, Dominion Energy’s Smart Cooling Rewards Program ended after the 2022 season. To enable past participation in the program, a switch was installed near participating customers outdoor AC unit. Now that the program has ended, Dominion Energy has partnered with Honeywell to proactively remove the switch devices from customers AC units.

Customers will be notified by letter at least 30 days before a technician is scheduled to visit their home to remove the device. In the interim, the switch will not impact ongoing HVAC operation and the unit will continue to operate as normal. See below for FAQs, or contact us at 888-366-8280 with additional questions.

We also offer more ways to save energy and money – see below for options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A: No further action is required, and you will receive a letter with information about the timing of your switch removal.

  • A: Please contact the customer hotline at 888-366-8280, Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For after business hours and weekends please email any questions to

  • A: Our technicians will still visit to quickly document that the switch was previously removed. Undocumented removals can commonly occur when HVAC systems are replaced. Below is an example photo of a switch installed on an AC unit.

  • A: You will receive a letter once you are scheduled to have your switch removed at least 30 days in advance. If you feel there will be an issue with accessing your outdoor AC unit or heat pump after receiving your letter, please contact 888-366-8280.

  • A: Dominion Energy has partnered with Honeywell to provide switch removal services. The Honeywell technician will carry a badge identifying themselves as a Dominion Energy authorized contractor. On the day of the removal, the technician will knock on your door. If someone answers, they will explain the work about to be performed. If no one answers, the technician will still attempt to perform the work outside the home. The technician will leave a doorhanger explaining any actions taken.

  • A: No.

  • A: The switch removal is not expected to cause an interruption to electric service. During periods of cooler weather, customers with heat pumps will experience a brief interruption of their heat service while the switch is removed. During warmer months, customers will experience a brief interruption to their a/c service if the technician finds a switch that needs to be removed. If your switch has already been removed (likely during unrelated HVAC upgrades or maintenance), the technician’s visit will not impact your system at all. The technician will only need to document that no switch is present.

  • A: Dominion Energy is able to recycle the switch device in an environmentally responsible way.

More Ways to Save

The Smart Cooling Rewards program helped you save on energy – but Dominion Energy offers many more ways to save.

  • Smart Thermostat Rewards program helps manage high energy demand in the summer and rewards participating customers with rebates up to $35. Additional incentives are available when you purchase an eligible smart thermostat.
  • WeatherSmartTM program goes a step further using your thermostat and local weather data to make automatic adjustments to save you even more – and rewards you with an annual rebate.
  • Home Retrofit program helps you uncover ways to cut energy costs and earns you incentives.
  • Virtual Audit Energy quiz provides a list of recommendations to increase your home’s energy efficiency and gives you a customized kit of energy savings products with no out-of-pocket costs delivered to your door.

Check out all of Dominion’s energy conservation programs here.