Building Engagement Program

Empowering building and facilities managers to create effective change in their building’s energy use.

Building Engagement Program

Empowering building and facilities managers to create effective change in their building’s energy use.

This program is also available for North Carolina customers.

Program Details

The Building Engagement Program allows facility managers, staff, and building occupants to take control of their energy usage.

Program participants receive no-fee access to the building engagement portal online tool as well as an initial assessment and ongoing support from experienced energy efficiency experts to help review, adjust, and optimize their building energy performance.

The online engagement portal will recommend simple challenges each month based on each customer’s needs, equipment, and facility type and provide insight into changes customers can make to save energy and track progress over time.

Actions can be completed by facility managers or other interested parties.

The portal allows for management and engagement of several different buildings at the same time, perfect for private schools and universities, business campuses, or property management groups.

To assist with completing the challenges, customers receive information and resources about best practices, as well as ongoing support and guidance from energy efficiency technical staff.

Opportunities to save include:

  • Tighten lighting and HVAC operating schedules
  • Optimize air handlers, chillers, and other HVAC equipment
  • Optimize economizer operation
  • Review and adjust temperature setpoints
  • Reduce unnecessary ventilation during low or no-occupancy times
  • Form an energy team
  • Educate and empower building occupants on energy efficiency best practices
  • Benchmark your building energy usage against similar facilities
  • Reduce high demand spikes and charges

Save as much as 5-20% of your building’s energy usage through low or no-cost measures.

Benefits of Participation

Saving energy requires coordinating the efforts of a lot of stakeholders — the Building Engagement Program makes it easy. Your team gets access to the online portal to help you achieve:

  • Lower energy and operating costs
  • Engage and coordinate a wide array of building stakeholders
  • Create energy-efficient behavior
  • Attract energy-conscious customers
  • Build in energy efficiency to existing facility processes and culture
  • Manage a complex-wide or campus-wide efficiency effort

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Participation Requirements

You must be a Dominion Energy Virginia non-residential customer who:

  • Is on a non-residential rate schedule
  • Is not exempt by statute or not under special contract
  • Is responsible for the electric bill
  • Is the owner of the facility or is reasonably able to secure permission to complete installation of measures

Please review additional requirements through the program’s Terms and Conditions. By participating in this program, you are signifying your agreement to the Terms and Conditions of the Non-Residential Building Engagement Program.

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